Hello Reader,

This is Deepa Sekhar. I do cookery shows for DOORDHARSHAN for the past four years. I’ve done several live cookery programs.
Theneer neram is a live program which brings out best dishes of different varieties. Asathal samayal is also a live program where a dish has to be prepared, at the same time viewer’s queries will have to be answered.
I have authored a cook book, “CHAAT VARIETIES” and have continuously written bi-monthly cookbooks for KUMUDHAM SNEHIDHI, a prestigious woman’s magazine. Also, few recipes of mine have been published in the Kumudam Health magazine and JFW(Just for women) magazine.
I’ve started this blog with my viewers requests and encouragement. I will be sharing recipes from various cuisines using fresh produce. For now, two dishes will be posted every month. I appreciate all the support and encouragement from you viewers, readers and fellow bloggers.
Feel free to share my recipes with your family and friends. Please do send in your suggestions.
Thank you,
Deepa Sekhar.



19 thoughts on “About”

  1. You sound the receipe much easier by very clear steps. And it tastes wonderful. Pls post all yr receipes in yr blog.

  2. Hi Deepa,

    I live in Kampala and view all your recipes on podhigai channel. Your recipes are awesome. I am a great fan of your cooking and I feel you should start your own website apart from your blog wherein we can view and send in our feedback on all your recipes. Keep rocking!

  3. Madam, I am a big fan of your recipes. Unfortunately I missed out your recipe of Lucknowi paneer on Theneer Neram . So if you could kindly post the recipe I would be very grateful to you. Thank you.

  4. Dear Madam

    All dishes you teach us through Asathal Samayal are very simple and great. Due to preoccupancy of house work, many a times, we miss your programme and DD keep changing the time. Can you please share me the recipe of Party Pulav which you shared sometime ago. Thanks a lot

  5. Madam, my mom is a great fan of yours and had been pestering me check if you had a website. Till now I was not able to locate. Fortunately today when she told me about Malai Paratha you made I tried and voila I saw your website. My mom is very happy. Please post your other recipes as well – Vaal mochai subzi, etc.

  6. Madam

    The way you explain about preparING dishes even a new comer can follow simple yet great recipes

    Can you tell me where some of your recipes can be found I am from bangalore

    God bless you

  7. madam

    i live in bangalore whenever the power is there i watch along with my husband your programme in podigai

    i just love the way you present with easy flow of words and understandable that even a kid will follow your steps

    especially the masalas you teach are good but most of the times in our area the power will go off hence miss the dishes like paneer , koftas and other masala powder preparations

    anyway glad you are available in this site so that we can clarify the doubts

    god bless you and your family

    jayalakshmi iyer

  8. I am very happy to find the blog here really olive your recipes very much. My mother is also your great fan Mam I need some gravy for chap paths or roti.. thanks a lot.

  9. Hello deepa madam jaya from bangalore we missed your shows very much but now very very happy that you are back welcome looking forward to seeing many recipe in future you are simply marvellous and your explanation is so simple that a child can understand. God bless you

  10. Hi mam,

    This is raji here. A great fan of yours. You are an awesome cook. I did searched you in social networking few years back and unfortunately couldn’t find you. Now so happy to see you in Facebook and in your own website. Mam why don’t you start a channel called “Deepa Sekar” in YouTube?! As you do great receipes we would like to see you there. As podhigai is not very much reachable among public, your dishes hasn’t reached many of them but it has to reach everyone. You are so authentic. Kindly reply. Even I don’t get time to watch you much as theneer neram is at 4pm which is office time for most of the youngsters. And couldn’t see podhigai programs online too. Mam please consider my suggestions and open a YouTube channel. You will definitely be flooded with viewers and subscribers. Kindly reply me at rajibalu.21@gmail.com.

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