Jhat Phat Paneer Stir Fry

Jhat Phat Paneer Stir Fry ( Quick Paneer Stir Fry )

As the name suggests, an extremely fast preparation. Keep all the veggies readily chopped the spices next to you, you can make this stir fry in a JIFFY. This stir fry goes well with a Bowl of Hot Soup and Crisp Toasted Bread. Apart from the soup and the toasted bread, this Paneer Stir Fry can be used as a stuffing for Wraps and Parathas.Goes well with a Simple Dhal and Jeera rice, Roties, Puries and PlainWhite Rice. 

Especially if you have home made Paneer, it is succulent, soft and melt in the mouth. I had lots of home made paneer. I planned this recipe and Voila the dish came out really DELICIOUS. Happy Stir Fry Making. Enjoy withYOUR FAMILY. 


Paneer ( cut  to  little thick strips ) – 3 cups

Sliced onion – 1 cup

Sliced tomatoes ( de – seeded ) – 1/2 cup

Sliced 3 coloured( red, yellow, green ) bell pepper’s – 1 cup

Minced garlic – 5 flakes

Everest Kitchen King  Masala Powder – 1 teaspoon

Kashmiri chilli powder – 1 /2 teaspoon

Coriander powder – 1/4 teaspoon

Jeera powder – 1/4 teaspoon

Turmeric powder – 2 pinches

Salt to taste

Sugar – 1 teaspoon

Garam Masala Powder – 1 pinch

To Season

Oil- 2 tablespoons

Jeera – 1 teaspoon

To Garnish

Finely chopped green coriander leaves – little

Chopped spring onion greens – little

Finely chopped green chillies – little

Ginger juliennes – little


Heat a pan. Season. First, add the minced garlic. Sauté on sim flame to a golden colour. Add in the sliced onions and the turmeric powder. Once the onion turns transparent, add in the sliced tomatoes, sliced 3 coloured bell pepper, salt and sugar. Add all the spice powders one by one . Sauté  on high flame for 3 minutes. Add the Paneer pieces. Mix gently. Garnish and serve hot.

Chef’s Tips

1) Do not over cook the bell pepper. A little crunch has to be there.

2) Use all the spice powders in minimum quantity. The aroma will be subtle and nice.





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