Milk Chappathi with Onion Masal Curry

Milk Chappathi 

From last week I was just planning to make this combi. I made it for breakfast today. Came out very well. The Chappathi was very soft and delicious. An ideal lunch box dish. Milk Chappathi goes well with Korma, Dhals, Paneer Gravies and Mixed Veg Curry. I was little pressed for time today. I made the Onion Masal Curry with Milk Chappathi. Gorgeous. The flavours were just perfect. Do try and Enjoy.


Wheat flour – 1 cup

Ghee – 1 tablespoon

Salt to taste

Boiled milk ( lukewarm ) – required amount to make a soft dough

An equal mix of ghee and refined sunflower oil to drizzle around the milk chappathies. 


Take a big, flat plate. First put the wheat flour. Next, add the ghee and salt to taste. Mix well with your fingers to a crumble. Sprinkle the required amount of luke warm milk and make a soft dough. Cover and rest the dough for 30 minutes. Make chappathies. Drizzle the mix of oil and ghee around the Chappathi and cook to a golden colour on both sides. Serve hot with Onion Masal Curry.

Chef’s Tips

1) To keep the chappathies soft, wrap them in a cotton towel and store in an air tight  container.

2) Make a very soft dough.



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