Jam and Cream

Jam and Cream

A very simple and a pleasing pudding which is yum when served both hot and cold. I have been thinking about this dessert from a long time. Can be made just like that. A mix of bread, jam, marmalade, cream, baked to perfection. A layer of hot thick, melted condensed milk. further adds to the flavour and taste. Children will just love this. Do try and enjoy with your family.


Bread slices ( cut the corners, a day old bread is better) – 8 slices

Mixed fruit jam- 3 teaspoons

Orange marmalade – 3 teaspoons

Amul butter – 8 teaspoons + 1 /2 teaspoon to grease the baking dish

To Make The Custard Sauce

Boiled milk – 1 cup

Vanilla flavoured custard powder – 2 teaspoons

Sugar – 3 teaspoons

Add the custard powder to the boiled, cooled milk. Whisk it well. Add the sugar and mix well. Heat a pan. Keep on sim flame. Pour in the custard mix. Cook on simflame till thick. Stir well. Switch off the stove. Cover and keep aside .



Whisked fresh cream – 2 tablespoons

Condensed milk – 4 tablespoons

Mixed fruit jam – little

Orange marmalade – little

Almonds – 6 ( chopped to slivers )


Take a bake proof  glass dish. Smear 1/2 teaspoon of butter inside the dish. Keep it aside.

Take a bread slice. Butter it. Similarly Butter all the other bread slices ( Spread 1 teaspoon of butter on each slice ). Keep it in a tray.

Now take 3 buttered bread slices. Spread mixed fruit jam on them.Keep it aside.

Next, take 3 buttered bread slices. Spread orange marmalade on  them. Keep it aside.

Now, 2 buttered bread slices will be remaining. Keep it aside.


Take the buttered bake proof glass ware. First keep a  plain buttered bread slice. Make it stand. Next keep a mixed fruit jam bread slice. Next keep an orange marmalade bread slice. Next, keep a mixed fruit jam bread slice. Next keep an orange marmalade bread slice. Keep in this order. Finally, finish off  by keeping a plain buttered bread slice. Pour the hot custard on the top and all around the bread slices. Next pour the whisked  cream on top and all around. Finally, pour the condensed milk  on top and all around the bread slices.  Dot with mixed fruit jam and the orange marmalade on the  top, sides and all around the bread.

Now, the bread will be encased, it will have a cover. Bake  in a pre – heated oven at 160 degrees centigrade till the top becomes a little golden. Can also grill it in a microwave oven till the top turns golden. The approximate baking time will be 10 to 12 minutes,  if the oven is pre – heated and really, really hot. Remove the dish from the oven. Cool a bit. Garnish with slivered almonds. Cut and serve.

Chef’s Tips

1) The custard sauce has to be like dosa batter consistency. Do not make it very runny.

2) Cream packed in tetra packs can also be used.

3) Serve the jam and cream with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.



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