Shimla ( green capsicum ) Baingan ( Brinjal ) Raitha

Shimla Baingan Raitha

A very, very soothing raitha, a great accompaniment to the jack fruit biriyani. Use fresh thick curds. Top with a sprinkle of black pepperpowder and black salt. Wow, just amazing. Enjoy.


Fresh thick curds ( whisked ) – 3 cups

Chopped green capsicum – 1

Grated garlic – 1 flake

Salt to taste

Sugar – 1 teaspoon

To Season 

Oil – 2 tablespoons

Jeera ( cumin seeds ) – 1 teaspoon

To Garnish

Golden fried ( deep fried ) slices of brinjal – 1 cup

A sprinkle of Coarsely crushed black pepper powder

A sprinkle of black salt

Finely chopped green coriander leaves – little


Heat a pan. Season. Add the grated garlic and sauté on sim flame for 3 minutes. Add the chopped green capsicum. Sauté on sim flame for 3 minutes. Add salt to taste. Add the sugar and switch off the stove. Cool well. Take a bowl. Add the capsicum mix, whisked thick curds. Mix well. Garnish and serve at once.

Chef’s Tips

1) Always whisk the curds for the Raitha.

2) Just before serving the raitha add the deep fried brinjal slices. Do not add the deep fried brinjal slices earlier. The raitha will discolour.

3) This Raitha will also go well with any stuffed parathas, hot puris , phulkas and jeera rice.


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