Thaen Mezhugu

Thaen Mezhugu

This is a very simple recipe. I learnt it from my mil. Goes well with adai and pidi kozhukattai. You will love this.


Grated syrup jaggery ( Paagu Vellam ) – 2 cups

Water – enough to cover the jaggery

Dry ginger powder – 2 pinches


Heat a pan. Add the grated jaggery and enough water to cover the jaggery. Boil till the jaggery dissolves. Strain the jaggery syrup into a pan. Boil on sim flame till the jaggery syrup thickens.  The consistency of the syrup has to be thick like the dosa batter. Transfer to a stainless steel container. Chill it. Leave it in the fridge. Stays good for a week.

Chef ‘s  Tips

  1.  Use good coloured jaggery .
  2. The use of ginger powder will take care of the throat. You will not have  kich kich in the throat.

2 thoughts on “Thaen Mezhugu”

  1. Hi Deepa
    I am Vimala, wife of Vijayendran, a close friend of your husband Mr Sekhar.
    I have just gone through your blog. It was just amazing. I was just wondering, how you could remember the receipies of so many dishes from the entire length and breadth of the country.
    Incidentally, the Thaen Mezhugu dish is very popular in Theni side. They prepare plain Kuzhi Paniyaram and soak it in Thaen Mezhugu. They prepare this for all important festivals.
    I would expect more and more dishes from you and share some specialities from my side too.

    1. Hi Vimala. How are you? My regards to your husband Sri. Vijendran. I should first thank you for the recipes. I have a passion for cooking and I have been presenting cooking programs in Doordarshan since many years. I have collected recipes whenever I travelled to a new place be it in India or abroad. My phone number is 9884532609. Let us be in touch. My best wishes to you and your family.

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