Kongu Nadu Specials


Kongu Kondai Kadalai Kuruma( Black Channa Kuruma)

The word Kongu, in Tamil means honey , nectar. The Kongu region is very spectacular, forms the Western part of Tamil- Nadu. Kongu Nadu comprises of  Coimbatore, Salem, Namakkal, Erode, Karur, Tirupur, Udumalpet, Dharapuram, Pollachi, Nilgiris, Palani and Sathyamangalam. I  belong to this Kongu belt. Very simple food, very tasty. Coriander seeds, peanuts, coconut, roasted gram ( Pottu kadalai ), sesame seeds, are used in most of the dishes. Especially hand pounded spices impart a good flavour.

This Kuruma is a typical Pollachi Special. Small onions give a nice aroma. Black channa is very nutritious, high in protein content. Best served with plain white rice, phulka, puri and crisp dosas. I make this dish very often at home. The recipe for you.



Boiled black channa – 2 cups

( keep the boiled channa and the stock, take 1/2 cup channa and blend it smoothly.)

Coriander powder – 1  teaspoon

Red chilli powder – 1  teaspoon

Cumin ( jeera) powder – 1 teaspoon

Turmeric powder –  2  pinches

Salt to taste

Jaggery – 1/2 teaspoon

Small onions(  pearl onions) – 1/2  cup ( finely chopped)

To make small onion paste

Peeled whole small onions – 1cup ( fry in oil to

golden brown colour,  put in a plate, cool and blend to a fine paste )

To make the tomato paste

Chopped tomatoes – 2

Garlic – 5 pods

Ginger – 1  inch piece  ( chopped)

Green chilli – 1

Saunf ( aniseed )  – 2 pinches

Tamarind paste –  1/2 teaspoon

Blend all the above mentioned ingredients to a nice   paste.

To Season

Oil –  4 tablespoons

Cardamom – 1 ( pounded with the skin)

To Garnish

Finely chopped green coriander leaves and curry leaves – little


Heat a pan. Add oil. Season 1 cardamom. Fry the chopped small onions to a golden colour. Add the tomato paste. Fry in medium flame for 5 to 8  minutes. Add the dry spice powders. Sauté on sim flame. Next, add the boiled black Channa with the water. Add the blended channa paste, blended small onion paste. Add salt to taste and jaggery. Simmer for 5 minutes. Switch off . Garnish and serve hot.


Chef’s  Tips

1) Use only small onions, the taste is  just excellent.

2) In case the Kuruma becomes thick, dilute with little warm water.




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