Pattu idli and Pachai Malli Sambar

Pattu Idli  &  Pachai Malli Sambar (silky , soft  idli  with  green coriander leaves sambar )


Pattu idli  as the name suggests,  is simply super soft idli , and I have tried this so so so so many times and it never failed even once. A very simple recipe , can make it for parties and I’m sure your guests will  love it and  appreciate a lot. Here is the recipe for you.



Idli rice –  4 cups

Whole  urad dhal –  1 cup

Thick poha ( thick rice flakes,  getti aval )  – 1  handful

Salt to taste

Water  –  enough to grind the batter


My Custom made idli plate


Wash and soak the idli rice in water for 3 hours. Wash and soak the  whole  urad dhal in water for 3 hours. Wash and soak the poha in water ( see that the water is just an inch  above the poha) for 3 hours.  Drain the urad dhal and grind it first with sufficient water  in a wet grinder for 20 minutes till light and fluffy .  Transfer the ground urad dhal into another vessel, cover it and keep it aside. Next , grind the drained rice and drained poha, with enough water to a fine paste. Add this batter to the ground urad dhal. Add salt to taste and mix very well with your hand. Cover the dish and leave it aside  for 8to 10 hours to ferment. Mix well with a ladle  and transfer the batter into  food safe , good quality air tight containers and leave it in the refrigerator.  Make idlis . Serve hot with Pachai Malli Sambar.

Chef’s  Tips

1) Just scoop out the batter and make idlis. Do not mix the batter vigorously up and down and make idlis, by doing this the idlis will not turn out fluffy and soft.

2) Do not make the batter very watery. Grind to a idli  batter consistency.

Pachai Malli Sambar (green coriander leaves sambar)

This recipe is my aunt’s speciality.  OMG! This Sambar is jade green in colour, bursting with flavours. An apt dish for idlis and dosas.



Boiled toovar dhal( arhar dhal ) with a pinch of turmeric powder – 1/2  cup

Beans ( cut to long pieces) – 1/2 cup

Carrot (cut to batons) –  1/2 cup

Potatoes( peeled and cut to thick slices) –  1/2 cup

Onions – (sliced) – 2

Tomatoes – ( chopped) – 1

Sambar powder- 1teaspoon

Tamarind paste –  1 teaspoon

Salt to taste

Jaggery – a small piece

Roast in oil and grind to a fine paste

Oil – 1 teaspoon

Urad dhal- 1 tablespoon

Channa dhal – 1/2 tablespoon

Fenugreek seeds( methi seeds) – 4 numbers

Green chilles- 3 ( cut to pieces)

Roast all the above ingredients to a golden colour  and grind it with cleaned and washed and chopped green coriander leaves ( 1 bunch) and  1/2 cup of grated coconut, with little water to a fine paste.

To Season

Oil –  2tablespoons

Mustard seeds- 1 teaspoon

Cumin( jeera) seeds- 1/2 teaspoon


Heat a pan. Season . Fry sliced onions on medium flame till translucent. Add the chopped  tomatoes and sauté on medium heat for 2 minutes. Add sambar powder and sauté for 2 minutes. Add the tamarind paste , salt to taste, and the jaggery. Add the boiled toovar dhal and the boiled vegetables.  Add little water. Boil for 5 minutes on sim flame and finally add the ground paste. Simmer for 2 minutes and switch off the stove.Serve hot with pattu idli.

Chef’s Tips

1) Do not over boil the sambar after the ground paste is  added as it will discolour.

2)Cutting the vegetables in the same size  will give a good look, table presentation and plating are very , very important.





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